Closing the gap between doctor and patient

Family Medicine at Lowry has become Insight Primary Care!  We are a small, Denver-area Family Medicine practice offering uncommonly personalized healthcare to a limited number of patients.  At Insight, our number one priority is to ensure every one of our patients receives the time and attention it takes for truly superior-quality healthcare. 

Through our Direct Primary Care model, we partner with each individual patient to help achieve optimal, life-long health.  Direct Primary Care is designed to enhance doctor-patient relationships, increase face-to-face time between doctor and patient, instill in patients a sense of commitment to their own health, and cut out dollars that are wasted on the “red tape” that exists between many health insurance companies and providers. 

To join Insight’s community and become a patient, enroll today.  And if you "like" our Facebook page, you will be automatically entered to win two free months of membership!



What makes our practice stand out? 

·       Cost transparency (know what your costs will be, up front)

·       On-time, non-rushed appointments

 ·      Email and phone calls directly with your physician

·       Online appointment scheduling 

·       Same-day appointments 

·       Round-the-clock availability

·       A true medical home to care for your entire family

·       We communicate with your specialists directly to facilitate
        coordination of care.

 "To heal our patients, we first have to heal our profession."


Insight Primary Care
2373 Central Park Blvd #205, Denver, CO 80238

Phone  303-377-2494                Fax  303-377-2548